Teaser format: pdf or website?


I am a new graduate coming from a mechanical/design background. This question is about putting together an appropriate package for the job search, given the current technology trends. As I understand it, there is a 11x17 portfolio, teaser, and website. I already have a website, and am working on the portfolio and teaser. However, many of the job postings on Coroflot ask for a portfolio as a pdf or link. Do I still need a pdf teaser, or is a link to my website enough?

Thanks in advance!

I think you should look at what is the most important here and that is to convey as much valuable information about you as a designer as intuitively and quickly as possible.
If you already have a website set up, perfect! Use that and just add a link in your email for the website which should act as an overview to your work and style. (I don’t really like the word “teaser”)
Links to websites are great since they can easily be shared online in between departments and between execs.

Then later you should absolutely have an extensive .pdf ready to mail out should an employer request further insights into your work. Which then will make it easier to also customize your portfolio to whatever position you are looking for.