Teague consolidation

Teague will be focusing exclusively on travel and their ongoing efforts to “humanize the travel experience”. Their massive engagement with Boeing will (I’m guessing) continue to be the majority of the work, and pay most of the bills. Cool to think they could parlay that into other travel+tech as well.

I just selfishly hope some of their awesome work makes it into my next SEA-EWR redeye flight. :cry:

Interesting move. I’ve met John Barratt a few times. Inspiring and commanding guy. It seems to make sense and I’m curious to see how it turns out for them.

Teague has had a no-bid contract to work on Boeing interiors dating back to the days of WDT himself. This announcement is basically saying their other consulting work isn’t as profitable.

Ah, interesting!

I had a hunch during my time there and I think this makes sense.
Chasing CE client work is such a grind… especially with the big giants in Asia.
Congratulations to the design team on this decision. I am sure their quality of life and clients will improve.

I guess this is another way to deal with the increasingly difficult ID consulting business besides getting acquired and moving in-house:
Focus on one segment where you have a proven track record and become the go-to player.

A shame though about the pretty much brand new office in Munich… That was a really nice space.

“Consolidation” is code for “we’re not making money doing one thing, so we are going to do something else”.


In this case, I don’t think that’t correct.
TEAGUE is not “doing something else”, but rather doubling down on the area of design where they have a solid USP.

That it’s hard to make money constantly with old-school consulting is definitely true though.

Same thing. Consolidation is is we are not doing X, we are doing Y because we are losing money doing X.


No secret that the long-term projects for Boeing have propped up the product side of the firm for quite some time.

Does Teague have any competitors in the travel-specific space? Other firms that are 100% in transportation + technology?

Seymourpowell comes to mind, but they are active in various other industries.

The ones that come to mind are Priestmangoode & DesignQ.
There are others but not a lot that focus on whole cabin. More like seat design, galley design, lavatories, etc. More component specific.
JPA, Tangerine, Altitude Aerospace, Zodiac Aerospace are others.
It’s usually a collaboration/coordination between aircraft manufacturer, airline, design studio and the interior component manufacturer.
IDEO and BMWDesignworks also have done aircraft interiors. Many years ago, Eclipse aviation once hired IDEO to design the interior, Designworks to design the T&F and Zodiac Aerospace to manufacture the components. Zodiac recently created ZEO, their in-house design department, to potentially design & manufacture.