Tea4Two Tea Kettle Project

Hey Guys,

I’m a 2nd year IDS major at Virginia Tech. This was one of two major projects we did this past semester. Let me know what you think, how I can improve, etc.


Here is the PDF for of it on coroflot…


Here are my questions based on the project.
First, I would reconsider the use of chrome unless you have an alternate process in mind. Chrome is a fairly toxic process and it would probably be nicer as a brushed stainless or something like that.

Second, is the infuser easy to remove? When enjoying tea at a good tea house they will often provide you with a timer as you depicted, but when the tea is done steeping you should remove the infuser so the tea doesn’t steep too much.

Third. the form has a retro, streamlined era feel to it, is that what you were going for?