TaylorWelden.com - new ID portfolio webpage

Just had my new Industrial Design portfolio webpage put up, finally - filled with a few typos, and only 10% of the images that will eventually be up.


Had a Graphic Designer friend of mine do the work for me in Dreamweaver, and I’m very pleased with how easy it is to navigate, how simple, and how clean the layout is. Never thought that Helvetica font would look nice next to Georgia font. Couldn’t ask for anything more, design-wise or as far as interaction with the site is concerned.

Within a week, each “Set” (eg; “The 00”) will drop down and have the first photo like it does now, and then you will be able to click that photo, to scroll through at least 10 images per “set”. There will also be a little gray/yellow arrow to the right of each image to show that you can click to proceed to the next image. Each image will then have its own unique description, as some of the descriptions are off at the moment.

I really like your portfolio. The last page, the ETC sneaker sketch, is the best page. It somehow fit well with the background color scheme. I hope my portfolio is just as nice.

Nice clean layout, easy to use…

My thoughts, based on my biases,

  1. the serif font doesn’t seem to jove with the clean, modern look.
  2. going through it enough, and I always click things out of order, it gets to be a bit of a chore to click at the top of the project list or the bottom, no biggie, but it crossed my mind…
  3. any process?


looks good. I like the layout and speed at which I can browse. Clever UI designs usually come off awkward, but yours works. I agree with Yo, that georgia doesn’t jive. It’s funny how your site’s design is similar to my sketch blog (http://www.benjaminrlloyd.com) :stuck_out_tongue: maybe that’s why I like it. I use a mix of serif and sans but there is a hierarchy. (nav text is serif) I think that if the page headings that are serif were sans it would look better.

Ditto. It seems out of place. I’m all for mixing serif and sans-serif, but here it seems a bit arbitrary. Perhaps it’s a browser thing, but you can force certain fonts using CSS.

Other than that, its very nice and clean. Not overly complicated, and not overly “Flash”-y.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses.

Still waiting on my friend to add the “cycle through gallery” feature to each of the Sets. Should be up any day now.

I was having a conflict with the Helvetica vs Georgia myself, but having a professional Graphic Designer suggest it, I was wondering if it was just me… now that some others with sharp design eyes out there agree, I’m going to have it switched to Garamond.

The Garamond looks cleaner, where the Georgia looks a little amateurish, or generic almost.

If you have any other great suggestions for a serif font, I’d love to play around with some other options before turning the missile launch key and having the changes made.

Thanks again.