TAXES--anyone deduct everything?

This is soooo off the record, but do you designers deduct almost everything you buy?

I ask because I figure I can deduct bags, shoes, pens, speakers, eyewear, luggage, toys, appliances–the whole lot because as a desiger I have to test the product and understand how to make it better. My accountant backed me up on this, but I still wonder if it’s kosher. I figure I can occassionaly deduct a shampoo bottle because of its’ shape…

Mind you I don’t regularly design all this stuff (especially shoes), but I do apply for positions where I would be (designing shoes), therefore buying and testing is for the good of my career development?? Therefore, deduct everything?

I don’t want to cheat, but it is a grey area…

Never done any deductions, always Telefile. But, upon thinking about it, I’ve decided to deduct a bunch of stuff for next year that I honestly feel I use for design purposes. For one thing, my new computer (Pentium 5 baby) will certainly be deducted. Shoes…well, not sure about that. Maybe I can deduct my furniture because I can’t buy “normal” furniture. I have to go to those trendy stores and get some off-the-wall piece. As a designer, you MUST have stuff that’s different than the norm.

In all seriousness, I’ll probably just deduct the computer and software.

dont get much back. first freelancing i bought tons of books and mags. all design. all deductable. spent well over $1000. probably saved $30 deducting. didnt need half of them.

i deduct legit stuff. dont design shoes. dont deduct them. if i need shoes i buy them. rarely buy non project stuff. doesnt pay off. project stuff gets billed. but on rare occasion i will buy something for design ref only. and i’ll deduct. but i’m spending - not saving - money.

just cuz youre a designer dont mean everything you buy is tax deductible.

I used to deduct toys and games for many years but I was a toy and game designer… I did use them for research.

If the stuff is really used for work, yes you can deduct.

Yeah, you’re hanging a big “audit me” sign around your neck with that attitude. Forget it!

BTW: Is everyone aware of the tax loophole that supports writing off huge SUVs (over 2 tons) if you use it for business purposes? The law was written back when that only described Vans and delivery trucks! But today it covers many an urban-assult-vehicle… In some cases, the deduction will pay for the whole damn Denali (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

lets stay on topic please.

How’s that off topic?

Thanks for the input.

For the record I did not deduct/buy that stuff, I was just wondering if it were common to do so.

I am glad I am not short changing myself.