Tax questions....

I had an internship last year. What documents should I request from my ex-employer and which forms do I need to fill out?


My internship employer sent me the usual W2 and earnings summary sheet. You shouldn’t have to ask for this if you were compensated during for your internship; by law, the employer must send you the required documents (at least that is how it was explained to me). Your internship earnings and witholdings get added to any other income/witholdings you might have had at another emplyer on your income tax form(s).

Hope this helps. Feel free to correct if wrong.

I live in Detroit and I had the internship in Maryland. What else do I need?

You should receive either a W-2 if you were considered and employee, or a 1099 if you were an “independant contractor”. In either case, you’ll be required to file a single Federal return (1040 or 1040EZ) and state returns for the states in which you earned money-presumably Maryland and Michigian. You’ll report the money made in the state as the total income earned for that state. (You’re state returns usually require a copy of your Federal return).

By law each employer is required to complete thes w-2’s or 1099 by January 31st, so you should have them by now.

I one time had to file one Federal and four state returns because of this. A commentary on the need for tax reform.