hey i made this tattoo for a friend. his initials are B.E. his high school mascot is the fighting irish, and he said he wanted a little “irish flare.”

i figured that since it is fairly wide, it would look best across the the upper back between the sholders.

Personally I’d throw it up across the bridge of my nose. Did he get it done?

he has not seen it yet. so im not sure if it will be anything he wants

Clothes, shoes, watches, ties, hair style, etc are personal flare. Battle scars are all one should depart with. I think you understand my feelings. He’s young, he should think about it.

I agree…

This is not a wise choice

To tattoo or not to tatoo…

Besides that:

  • Is your friend black? You present your tatoo on a black background.
  • The outer shape (around the irish clover) has pointy bits that goes with the rest of the shape (kind of) But it reminds me of a german cross (WWII)

I also would look in to Celtic knot work for inspiration.


I wonder if any of the hordes getting ink think about how they’ll look when they’re in their 60’s and 70’s?

The opinions in this thread echo my my thoughts.

In order for me to permanently mark my body in this way, the subject matter would have to be almost unbelievably important to me… something I must never forget…

We live in a world of constant change… what could be so important to us that we want to imortalise it on our body ?

…sports teams?.. pretty patterns?.. transient lovers?

No thank you!

A commitment to a child that we have brought in to this world…?


I really don’t mean to offend anyone here, this just another opinion , and it is aired in the interest of caution for an almost irreversable act.

People that usually get tattoos don’t really think they will live that long!!
P.S. Don’t trust anyone over 30!!

That being said, I don’t like the design. Tribal is really dated. It’s nice that the 2 letters are incorporated though. The word Irish doesn’t fit at all. It looks like an afterthought.

You should take a photo of the guys back and draw a tattoo to fit it.



  1. Design it around the body location, not the other way around
  2. Design it around his skin color. Much of your design uses white… Are you intending white tattoo ink?
  3. A celtic knot pattern is much more Irish than this, and will withstand the test of time.
  4. For gods sake, don’t let him do it!!!