Tattoo Design

Does anyone here have tattoos that are a personal design? How did you choose that design? Are you still happy with it?

I bring this up because I have a friend who has chosen two completely random tattoo designs from a book. Personally, I would be way to indecisive as a designer to ever actually make up my mind.

They have those new 5 year ones…

I don’t have any but a lot of my friends do. One friend had several well known graphic designers, and low brow indie artists design his, which is pretty cool, they are all very graphical and unique… I couldn’t go through it though…

I do. I paint as a hobby and a friend is a tattoo artist. I have several of my paintings hanging on my walls and he suggested / joked he could tattoo one of them on me. It was kind of humerous when I took the painting down to his studio so he’d get the colours right. It’s a painting of a scene that used to be a recurring nightmare when I was a kid, keeping me up afraid to go back to sleep. It’s about 12 years old, I love it, and I have found the girls love the passionate description, and when I stand there next to the original…

I’m working on another tattoo design of an unfortunate genetic mutation I have, using dna code and assorted symbology.

I agree with you, looking through a sample book for a tattoo seems pathetic to me. I’ve seen the same popular tattoos on multiple people: they’re different than a shirt or watch or cap, you can change those.

i got in the back part of my shoulder the head of a wolf i designed.

first i found a picture from a reall wolf that i liked the view, expression etc, then i stylized in my own manner which was like several, very thin strokes an copied to several sizes. Then, the tattoo artist suggested the best size according to the design and part of my body and he did the besic lines with ink on a transparent paper that he then placed on my shoulder… after that he just copied the rest of the design.

PICTURES!!! Show us pictures!

Good grief, I have images of wolves, nightmarish paintings and genetic mutations in my head and I can’t get them out.

Well in my opinion tribals are the best but only if they don’t have any kind of meaning