Hey all, it’s my first time within the forum but I’ve long been an observer of the Core site and all its awesomeness. It’s resources like this that have helped us all grow as successful designers and I have been thinking for awhile about how to give back. Among a few ideas, one I considered was a sketch blog. After a few weeks, dozens of tumblr revisions, and late nights up after work it’s live.

The site is for anyone from students to professionals to use. To get inspiration for sketch styles, layout, communication content, etc. I know there are various websites for similar things but I was looking for something bare bones simple: just sketches, and nothing more. The content on the site is work sent to me from other ID-ers. I won’t post work that isn’t mine or without given consent. The site is still in infancy and there will probably be changes made sooner rather than later, but such is the life.

I hope this is well received and wanted to make it useful resource in the growing product designer’s toolbox. Any kind of feedback is always well appreciated! Questions, comments, (and sketches!) can be sent to info@tastysketch.com

thanks and keep on sketchin!