Taro's sketching and rendering

Hi, I’m currently a high school student apply for school right now. I found out about core77 long time ago, but didn’t get a chance to join. Here are some of my sketches, projects, and some digital stuff which I recently got into.

Please give me crit, and tips ; ) thank you.

okay, i have around 4-5 projects right now. But some people strong disagree with putting up everything up on the internet, so I’m not going to put on much project work right now.

Okay, so recently i got into tablet… sketchbook pro sketching. Here, these are in order from my first to last.

This is a project im working on right now, its an automatic watering vase that doesn’t use any power, and is going in an eco-friendly direction.

from that last page, what do you guys think have the most potential?

and here, if anyone wonders why its pink, its a hi lighter, and i was just trying to render with wut i have at school.

In terms of ID - you are light years ahead of where you need to be as a high school student. I know senior ID students whose work isn’t as good as what I’m seeing here.

Kudos to you for taking the time to do the simple shape excersizes. Keep building on that solid foundation and best of luck to you!

Ditto on what they ^ said, great job being proactive and exploring things on your own.

1 - it’s great that you’re learning to render light and shadows - keep practicing
2 - keep improving your perspective - make the ellipses on your cones ‘wrap’ instead of being pointy at the base.
3 - use variety in your sketch pages - angles, sizes, etc.
4 - start reading books on design aesthetic principles like visual composition, innovation, etc - design history too.

Just keep being a proactive learner and you’ll have a huge advantage on people your age that you’ll be competing with.

Also - view and practice every video tutorial on this site:


Great start! As mentioned, you are way ahead for your school level.

The main point I would stress is line wieght and control. Bold outside lines, light inside lines. Practice sketching in pen (ball point, felt, roller ball, etc.). It will also make you better.

You need a little more power in the lines. Bold to puch out the boarder, light for the details and to add excitement.


YES! This is what I like to see! A high school kid who is on it. Great job.

Your hand sketching is much more fun to look at than your digital stuff, I would stay analog for now, master the basics. Great work!

In terms of ID - you are light years ahead of where you need to be as a high school student. I know senior ID students whose work isn’t as good as what I’m seeing here.

Kudos to you for taking the time to do the simple shape excersizes. Keep building on that solid foundation and best of luck to you!

thx! and wow, a lot of people give me that advice, maybe its really time to go back to the beginning again.


thx man, good to know wut im doing good and what i need to do. Any recommendation for books… websites… and most importantly, tutorials?


thx! do you mean like, maybe I could make my contrast about more? and somtimes exaggerate my lines a bit more to make them more exciting? wut u mean by ‘power’


thank you ; )

and ya, a lot of people told me to stay off digital for now. But is it okay if i just practice a bit each day or something? because analog gets boring sometimes. And im not sure about this info, but is it true that students usual learn digital stuff after second or third year? and many students have never really touched with digital yet in their second/third year of univeristy.

just wondering, because it never hurts to get a head start : )


Visit this site, watch every last video tutorial, starting with the basic ones. And start posting on those forums too.

alright, Ive actually checked out most of the vids already, but not all of them yet. And okay, ill start posting there, but last time I went there, it seemed kind of empty.

hi again
anyways, bored, so did something real quick b4 my sleep, i decided to do this one step by step, so people can correct me easier… i think.

also, sorry if my digital stuff is really annoying and i should really be working with pen and paper, but im really interested in digital stuff while working with pen too.
so i started out with a rough sketch

then i refined it a bit by creating an overlay layer

add in general colour with air brush

add in shadow and more contrast with air brush

more detail

refine more with pencil tool, and the colour white

added background

Clean line balance. You should have three basic line weights.

1- Bold, for the outside lines of the item.
2- Medium, for openings in the product
3- Light, for details, edges, corners and such.

The balance of these three adds power.
Here are a few examples from my coroflot page.

Also, your ellipse practice is wrong. Get them on the correct axis.

As Yo mentioned, stick to pen on paper. Digital can be learned later. Line control is the foundation.

Sketch on a few sheets of paper stacked up. Also learn more photoshop basics. Other then that keep on rocking.

hey blaster

really nice stuff, thx. And Okay, i will learn to have 3 tones of line, is it bad to have more?

also, hmm ellipse, i guess i still dont get them.


thx, and I usually do sketch on stacks on paper, maybe its my pen that makes it look a bit crisp if thats what you mean? My pen is like… a ballpoint, but hard some kinda quality of a fine point.

also, I use sketchbook pro, since photoshop doesnt work for me atm, but either way, ya i need to learn more of both.

alrite, here is a speaker thing i did. I don’t really like the result ;/

start from scratch, using guidelines

mirrored it

overlay, tried to do cleaner lines

add in the general color first.

add in a bit of highlight and shadow to make it a bit more 3d

coloured the body, and the little holes on the side

finished in SBP

add in noise for the speaker quality in photoshop.

sorry that this is pretty bad to look at , but i hope i can get some help.

Sure, you can use more…but for now…why? It will be hard enough for you to manage 3 consistent line weights. Start with 2 basic, even and balanced line weights. BOLD outside, and clean, crisp LIGHT inside lines.

Again, stay away from the computer. Pen on paper first.


Yeah, you are WAY ahead for your age, so just stay hungry and keep learning! One thing that I thought could make your initial rendering contrast pop is some gouche/white out for highlights and maybe some black colored pencil to get those shadows deeper. Others had excellent feedback as well. Great work!

Alright guys thanks.

VD. thx for the tip on rendering, I need to work on those small things that I don’t notice.

and okay, Ill start doing pen and paper again. The only thing that keeps me away from it is that… I draw ALOT in school during classes, and then when im home… im just like… uhh i want to try something new. lol


thanks again!