Tarngerine web portfolio EXPERIMENTS - 8/18 updated

EDIT: See the latest post by me

Just updated as in coding optimization, improved navigation / user experience. The code is still horribly awful because I coded it at the beginning of this year with very sparse CSS knowledge. But ummm hopefully it’s better now (not that most of you will know what it was like before… basically same layout, when you navigated through pics you could only go one direction and there was no mouse-over effect, and there was no project title when you moused over a thumbnail).

I kept strictly to a grid system because I love grid systems (plus personal experiment with CSS), as well as as FEW images as possible to decrease loading time/improve user experience (not that this matters if I can optimize my JPEGs well), but all the text is selectable, blahblahblah. Conforms to the grid, blah.

Still debating whether or not I should switch to a scrolling version. Initially the design was a static, non scrolling portfolio (a lot of the pages are static). The only one that is scrolling is the Chef’s Bag page, where I updated with process as the project went along. I may shift over to this blog-like format because it gives me a lot more opportunity to explain my process. I don’t know if that’s what employers are looking for though. And there’s inconsistencies in order of presentation: some projects show process first, some show after. Still debating between the two as well. (Logically, process first… any opinions?)

Edit: I will be putting up my concept art stuff I did this summer when the term’s over… still got 4 final projects to finish this week.

It is much better navigation. I remember looking at it a few weeks ago or so. Please take this with a grain of salt… It might be helpful to have thumbnails of each project. Its not exactly intuitive for some users to simply click on the picture to get to the next one. Also, I really don’t know what is going on once I’m past the first picture, if I happen to click on “prev” what am I supposed to think? Is that the end? Did I miss something?

IMO, web pages need some logic. A story that starts on the left and ends on the right, if you will. You can lead them by the hand throuugh the maze, but its our natural tendency to read right to left, top to bottom. If not that, then it needs to be fool proof navigation. Since I’m a firefighter for my “day job” I like to call it “firefighter proof.”

Flow chart would be something like this: Portfolio landing page → Plastiform Landing page (insert other portfolio items here) → thumbnails and description for each picture.

I working on something similar for my page, but I’m working under Joomla. The compromises I make on the front-end aren’t enough to give up for the backend management. I’ve compromised a bit of style for ease of use.

Critique received and processed. Thanks. When I get the time (probably winter break), I will be doing another upheaval of my portfolio to a more blog/vertical process oriented display. Tap a little more into my graphic design background and have each page for each piece be different than the other (via http://jasonsantamaria.com). I guess I’ll settle for minor tweaks with this for now.

Love your work man, the website is fine, the way you handle the graphism of your pages is cool for reading.
Love how you explain all the projects I think that’s something people forget a lot in their portfolio.
Looking at your website you can tell that the dude behind it is really passionated about his work!

Thumbs up overall. Suggestion: Make your portfolio the main landing page. Incorporate the yellow banner in that page if you wish. That would make the navigation snappier.

no comments to the portfolio site, but just checked out your art center concept design blog and gotta say i love it. those quick studies for the speeders and figures in black marker are awesome. very nice work!

plus the marker renders of the vehicles and quick studies are awesome! very inspiring!


EDITE: PS. just saw the audi TT render and literally said WTF! even from a photo it’s kick a$$. just the right blend of realism and expression.

PPS. I’d love to follow you on your coroflot page, but for some reason I’m seeing the normal “Follow” button. is this me, or something about your profile?

Thanks, you made me blush. The Audi TT was done 15x20 illustration board and killed my markers. Great experience though, haha. I love the TT.

I had following disabled until like… 2 weeks ago… i’ll go see what’s up. don’t really use coroflot much though.


Okay I thought I enabled it, but I didn’t. Now it is.

Thanks for the comments; yeah, I was originally planning to dump people onto the thumbnails page, but I forgot why I decided to give people the menu choice… think it was inspired by my schoolmate Lee Byron.

Self bump because I just finished some stuff I’m rather proud of.

This was brought on by a Jason Santa Maria lecture I watched a few months ago. The idea of page differentiation (much like in magazines where each article has its own design) is fairly unseen on the web, and I’m experimenting with implementing it on my portfolio.

Please see here:

Feedback on this idea/my execution would be great!

I have to say, I love this portfolio! Shows your personality, your ideas, and your skills, but is professional while being fun! Great stuff. Love the spatula project.