Target board confusing me, help please.

Hi I am working on a textile project. I have to design a textile which produce by either weave or dye or both.
I’m working on a very first stage, the target group.

I’m going to design a place mats & coasters. This is the textile design not product.

My target is people who like to host a dinner or special meal for special occasion like Christmas, so they need a lot of place mats & coasters.

I think I’m pretty well focus on the target i picked but my teacher thought it’s not clear.
so please look at this target board and comment it, advise me, critique or anything you like to do that you think it could help me.

Thank you very much.

I can’t give you a ton of advice on this, although I do design with different fabrics and materials usually my boards highlight what materials i’m using in relation to an existing brand. Regardless, if your objective is to design a textile for special occasions or holidays you might want to research those more in depth. Special occasions usually call for the best china, the best glassware/silverware, and also the best placemats and coasters so maybe researching high-end tableware in general would help. What you are showing is all summertime casual settings so look over something more formal for examples. And if more formal is your objective then I would strongly suggest not ever, ever, using text-speak abbreviations like “ppl” on anything of your work or anything that you will be presenting, it is fine for correspondence, but for this it is un-professional.