(Tangible) Studio Tools - Show & Tell

Tack Board (or equivalent affordable ‘post stuff on the wall’ solution)
I saw this really cool tack/bulletin board that looked like a giant rice krispie treat made of dark gray rubber erasers. Finding stuff like this online is tough though, amid all the office junk conglomerates. Any tips or suggestions?

Staplers (I need one once a month so I want a cool one)

Any other category suggestions? If there is enough interest maybe this could turn into a useful reference thread.

I clicked on this thread thinking it was about Alias StudioTools. :open_mouth:

Me too…I was jazzed up to see some fresh NURBS action.

I don’t know if fresh NURBS action makes it through our filters…


Cam, I’ve seen that material you are talking about. I think it is an acoustic insulation material. In my studio I’m using the large foam core sheets that we used to use at Sound United and that we used at frog. They are just so easy to move around when different clients come over and what not.

Here is that material:

I believe that is a private matter between NURB and his partner.

Tack Boards
The boards you’re referring to are probably Expanded Polypropylene

I would probably get on the staplers from Scott Wilson’s run at Swingline

I worked on some while I was there, but these are still classics in that arena to me.

Wow, you guys are good! Based off my silly description I get two hyperlinks to the exact thing I saw back in the day. We’ll see if they make any exceptions to their MOQ rule, I don’t need $400 of that stuff. If they don’t I’ll totally go with foamcore, Yo. :wink:

IDiot, thanks for the tip. Those are nice, but I’m looking for something a little more timeless. :slight_smile:

My favorite studio item aside from my Knoll Pollock Chair is this series of clocks that was on KickStarter 4 years ago.

I’ll add more stuff here sporadically as it comes up. :slight_smile:

Probably also not what you are looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this at Target the other day.

Same format/architecture

Curious if others have any good recommendations.