Tampo printing with glittery/shiny paint?

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I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with printing glittery/shiny effects onto plastic products? Is it even possible?


Tampo printing is simple tech, squeegee a solvent based ink over a recess and pick up the ink with a soft pad and apply it to the surface. Anything that can get suspended in a binder, fine metallics, etc can be printed. The thickness is limited so is is not possible to get any sort of feeling of depth, but metallic silvers and mixtures of iridescents have been printed for example on snowboard bindings and ski boots for years. Skateboard wheels are another example of stacked pad (tampo) prints. To get really shiny prints like mirror finishes, hot stamping with foil is the only way.

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I found a few videos if you’re interested:

It’s a shame that so many of these videos are so dorky with the graphics and obnoxious music…


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