Tampo printing vs. spray treatment pricing

I’m working on small (2.25 in robots) toys and we are currently using spray treatments for our small details. The spray treatments look a little foggy on the flat surfaces. I’m trying to get nicer details for those small little parts but budget is tight. I would like to tampo (pad) printing to get nice crisp detail. Can anybody tell me if tampo printing detail is way more expensive that spray treatments?

Roughly speaking, the pricing should be similar. The labor costs are similar, placement vs applying masks. More waste with spraying the paint, tampo print has low waste in larger runs, due to no atomized overspray. Setup costs, engraved graphic plate for tampo, metal mask for painting, similar (in China). Should be comparable in cost, if not a slight advantage if the factory already has the machinery in place.

Good to know. Alot of the time we don’t know the answers to some of these questions so we speculate instead. Somehow that speculation becomes fact even though it is based on no info. This info will help me fight one of them situations. Thanks much!