Tamper Proof Fabric

Does anyone have any insight on a fabric that would resist being cut with a knife but could be sewn or welded in some manner?

I am working on a Parking Meter type product that requires a coin handling mechanism and they want more security than the existing nylon bag, but not as cumbersome as a bent sheet metal box.


I want to let you know that this type of fabric exists. But I do not remember the name for it. sorry…
Last job I had, during a meeting, the director had bring in a piece of fabric (new invented at the time) and ask us to cut it. 17 of us in the design department use scissor and sharpest blades we had, cannot do any damage to the fabric, apparently fabric has wire woven into it. The texure is same as any fabric except a bit thicker.

Look for Spectra liner material. They are cut resistant but not puncture proof, so you can sew with them but they will resist slashing/cutting. Best info is in the first link, examples are in the other links.


Gracias, amigos…I will have a look.

Crepes, if you wake up in the middle of the night and remember the name of the fabric, I would much appreciate an email!