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Hey all,

I’d like to get some feedback on this toy I’ve been working on. I originally made it for my senior class, and it was intended to be a blank white rotomolded vinyl toy that everyone got to decorate themselves (a la KidRobot’s Munny). I ended up making the model, the prototype, and then casting duplicates on my own. They turned out alright and the class loved them.

I recently entered it in an online competition at http://www.vinylcollectables.com, and was selected as 1 of 10 finalists that were then voted on by the public. Sadly, I didn’t win (or even make top 3, f*#kin’ public…), but I’m happy I made it as far as I did.

Looking for feedback, or if anyone knows anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction as far as manufacturing (or knows anyone at KidRobot), it’d be appreciated!

Damn, no comments in almost a week. Sucks that bad, huh?

the exciting thing about the DIY’s is seetting them free for others to get busy, AND the accessories.
The version you show with the blue pants and two teeth seems like a much less exciting/succesful interpretation than others you show or what you are capable of. What about just letting a couple friends go at it and see what they come back with.

The spray cap and overall spray paint/graffiti type presentation is a little distracting due to the fact that with slight modifications this could be turned into a spray can. Not diggin’ the photoshop version with the blue pants guy on the top, get rid of it.

I would try to show these in 3/4 view whenever possible, it’s much more exciting and dynamic than the straight on front view.

I like it, but what I was expecting to see something…else. I don’t know if this was your intentions, but I know most designer vinyl toys act as a canvas for the artist, and they decorate them all funky, Like the obey dolls, or any other vinyl toy for that matter

, but I think the form has a lot of potential. Start taggin that shit up! :sunglasses:

DIY vinyl toys are intentionally blank to let “the people” get busy as they see fit


Tall boy would be better if I could drink him…mmmmmmm…Coors Light!

I liked TallBoy a lot, and voted him high :smiley:

He would be pretty cool with Flops and a beer belly, but I like him how he is. You say you’ve been working on him more…but these shots are the same from the competition. What have you been doing to take it further?

It would be sweet if it came in a brown paper bag :laughing:

I’m with copy boy…the packaging should be a paper bag fo sho.

The paper bag is a great idea. I’d like to do a party series with 6 blanks in a cardboard 6-pack with some markers or something…

At the moment, I’m just working on getting a more finished prototype made. I need to build a super smooth model and either get some more molds made or (preferably) find somewhere in NYC that can do real rotomolded vinyl.

Any suggestions?