Talk? Why? Shut up and watch TV!

I while back I was researching a technology based product to develop social gaming, almost a cross between modern playstation gaming and traditional ‘sit round in a circle type games (i.e. – board games, sharads) taking the best out of both genres.

I concluded that an area in greater need of ‘socialising’ is modern media, TV, DVD, digital music and digital photos. Basically all the main aspects of the new media PC genre. I believe traditionally television and video have limited social interaction as their have a central focal point taking attention away from the other humans present and developing a triangle of communication through the screen. On other hand, music and photos have conventionally been used as drivers for communication and interactions but as they have become digital media their social aspects have been reduced due to the introduction of a screen. With all the development to aid the adoption of media centres into the homes I have seen none which have actively encourage interaction with other humans.

Do you think there’s and customer need for such as product or has society given up on social interactions for the easiness of idle screen watching?