Talby Phone

Hi, does anybody know if it is possible to get a Talby mobile phone outside of Japan? Also is it possible to change its interface due to it using japaneese characters?

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Hi Joe,

I am not sure where can you get a Talby mobile phone outside of Japan.
But my pal bought one Talby mock-up phone from Japan,
looks like a real one. And costs much lesser.
You may wish to check it out…

Hi, thanks for reply. What do you mean by mock-up? Fake/copy? Also where are you, as I’m in the UK so would it work here? One last question do you know where I could get one online?


ya, mock-up… fake ones.
but look like real.
it just cant function. screen is a simulated paper.

how about try to buy online from a japan website?

i am in asia. my friend was in a business trip to osaka.
he bought it from a shop. u can purchase mock-ups there… :slight_smile: