taking tool dip a step further...

I’ve been doing a few experiments with tool dip and am looking to use it for a some stainless steel kitchen tools. I’ve been using the standard plasti-dip made by Perfomix for dipping the ends of tools in. It’s done the job for prototypes, but won’t work for our final products for several reasons (see below). We need a comparable material that we can dip our stainless steel kitchen tools into that will meet the following criteria:

-dishwasher safe
-bonds securely to the tool (plasti dip is easy to peel off even after it has dried
-can be applied by dipping the tools (we aren’t doing a relatively low number of these)
-is rubbery in texture and feel. matte surface preferred.
-different colors available or ability to create custom colors (plasti dip has this)

Any suggestions of a suitable material or a place to go that would could help me identify the right one? I know there must be a pourable rubber out there that fits these criteria or close to it.

Any help much appreciated.

Try Silicone RTV… You should be able to get what you’re looking for. With rubbers(TPE’s) you can run into some food-safety concerns…just my 2cents. You can start by buying some silicone and adding color - you will have to make a hard-mould in order to get any kind of specified texture on the part. Best of luck,

smooth-on might have something or know of something.