Taking my own advice!

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been on these boards for over a decade, with an off again on again level of participation/engagement. One thing I’ve never actually done is post a link to my portfolio and get advice.

In a recent zoom discussion; I gave the advice to lean into the forums as a resource to build a better portfolio. Some of the other panelists gave great advice about making sure your point of view comes across and that you should have projects in your portfolio that better reflect your current skillsets. With all of that; I’ve decided to stop putting off the work and get my site out there for feedback!

My site can be found at: www.custer-design.com

To be clear much of the work past the splash page is pretty dated. I’ve got recent feedback in interviews that while my work is good at showing my understanding of problem solving and shows some good experience; it really fails to show a level of understanding of form development and taste level that some employers are looking for.

My thought for this thread is kind of three fold:

    1. How is my site reading now? What can I change in the short term to up-level it?
    1. What is my point of view? I’ve always been a bit of a generalist; but I think at the point I’m at career wise people expect more. Are there any tips with discovering your point of view?
    1. I’d like to start posting projects that better reflect my work and engage you all for feedback! (Mods let me know if this should be moved over to the project threads)

Thanks again everyone and my apologies for the word pasta!

  • Mike

Looking good Mike. My only piece of input is a small thing. On the butter dish project, because of the way the lead image is laid out I thought that was your design at first instead of the design you were proposing a new solution for. Maybe there is a way to either clarify that or lead with your final design before getting into the process.

Thank you for the feedback! That’s some great low hanging fruit I can update real quick! That project specifically was given as a “sample project” (spec work) to land my previous job. Basically the brief was “we saw this at the housewares show and it seemed to be getting some attention, but looking at it; it seemed way over complicated, how you would simplify and redesign it?”

The project has some holes in it from a manufacturing view; but it was a fun 48 hour sprint! One of the things I think it shows really well is my problem solving ability and my ability to use an insight into the use case to build out a up-leveled/simplified/unique product for the market segment.

One of the other things I failed to mention in the thread starter is that I’m hoping for this site to be multi-purpose. One that could operate as a online portfolio for new jobs; as well as something that would allow me to freelance under the moniker of “Custer-Design” - is that misguided?