Take my ID & Metropolis collection!

We’re moving house and I’m reconsidering keeping some of the things that I’ve been carting around for ages. If anyone wants the past nine years of Metropolis (2005-2014) and the last five of ID (2005-2010), they’re yours for the cost of shipping. Which won’t be cheap- but I’m thinking under $100. Might be good for a design or architecture school? Do students even (physically) cut and paste any more?

If there are no takers, they’ll be recycled within the month :frowning:

I’m not interested, but I sent a 25 pounds of Car Styling mags to a forum member in Shanghai. I think it was under $100. Send it “media mail” through USPS. That is your cheapest option for books and such.


Thanks for the note- Media Mail is where it’s at, for sure.

seems like it would be good for that guy asking to build a design team… wish I had moved sooner on those car styling issues!