Take a look at this!

I posted a hole bunch of input on that Beach stuff the last time you posted and why it doesn’t work… and I believe the time before that on the old board. I guess I’m wasting my time.

Here’s the link to your last post:

Here was my last wasted input:

I agree that you have posted this stuff too much. Since you keep posting you need to know a few things your teachers are not teaching you. I’m not going to say you suck but you need help.

You should start over from scratch. It is OK to mix serif and sanserif fonts. Especially in copy blocks. Serif fonts are easier and less tired to read through. Be careful mixing sanserif fonts. Your designs are heavy, busy and I just don’t know where to look.

Also, I know there is word out there that brown is the new black (as was orange the new black last year) but it is very tough to use correctly… don’t try it without experience. Don’t use them together without experience and never with lime green, puke green or yellow without experience. It took UPS years to figure out how to make brown work for them. It will take you years also.

You are afraid of color… you should be… your color choices scare the hell out of me.

You are trying too hard. That does not mean you won’t be a good designer… just think through your designs more. What are you tryng to achieve? Be aware of negative space, not every area of a design needs to be filled with an element.

Brackets were so last year.

Put the counterspaces back into your letters… the brown “O” in “All About” looks like a butthole.

Backward letters only work sometimes… not this time.

You mix too many colors and weights in your subtext boxes.

Quote marks… make them really large or normal… not kinda bigger.

You use ALL CAPS, Mixed Caps, and lower case text elements… make them consistant.

Maintain at least 1/8" trim/bleed area… should actually be 1/4" for text and logos. Printers have at least an 1/8" margin of error for trim. Looks like they could cut your Beach logo and info off.

Your Beach promo “perm3”… you have a large space but you insist on cramming everything on the edges… on Poster1 looks like you wanted to fill every little space with some sort of junk… looks like a microchip or something. Looks disturbing… I get no comfort looking at this poster and would not suspect this would be any sort of place I would find “Art”. Just a headache.

Even when “greeking” text it is important to give readers “visual space” and breaks in collums of text. Your blocks are too heavy and too justified. Left justification is fine to use. You have some 80 sentense paragraphs here. No one would read this… my eyes would hurt.

I have no idea what “Coloredsqr” is… that should not be there. It has no design or aesthetic value what-so-ever.

I think the only thing I actually like in your whole mess of work is the “all about music” element with the arrow. I think it would work fine alone. I mean totally alone. On a white piece of paper away from the rest of your work… and I’m still not sure about that though… the arrow is a bit heavy.

I can’t blame you for poor design… just of bad judgement. You do not suck… your instructors do. They are not giving you the proper guidance. This stuff may pass for Kansas design but Jon… we’re not in Kansas anymore. It’s a good thing you won’t relocate. The rest of the design worls would eat you up.

BTW… where is your Packaging and Environmental Graphics? A poster is not Environmental Graphics if that’s what you meant.

“Well no one really gave me any input on those”… Should I be MORE specific?