Taik Aalto (Helsinki) vs Lund University

I wrote some other posts in the last period about the final decision for my master’s. Now the two final options are Taik Aalto in Helsinki (industrial and strategic design MA) and Lund University (MA Industrial design). I wrote some mails to people who have studied in both the universities and received different opinions about both the schools. Obviously they’re both good choices, but I am wondering what could be better. People from Lund said that the school is good, with a growing reputation, you can decide the kind of projects you wanna work on, and also Lund is a great studen party town close to Copenhagen. On the other hand Taik Aalto has a great reputation as it’s the biggest art and design university in Scandinavia, it’s in Helsinki which will be World design capital the next year, has really wide chances to enhance your education as you can take courses from the Helsinki school of economics as well from the Helsinki University of technology as well from all the other TAIK’s departments.
So my question is: what do you think about them? Somebody who know both the schools can give some advices?
I’m really confused, help please.



Hi posa88,
I am in similar situation as you.
I have got admission for the ID programme in Lund and awaiting results for the Aalto university.
I would like to know which you consider better?
I am an international student so fees at Lund apply. The fees are so high that I am thinking if it is worth it.
Could you provide some information?