Taboo undercurrent of design? 420

I think the reason even talking about is taboo is because it’s simply illegal.

That said, I’ll be honest. I don’t drink nor do I smoke. Just my choice. And I think I’m fine with my level of creativity. Trying to live a relatively chemical-free life.

I think it is a cultural taboo, not a design one. I don’t think engineers, doctors, lawyers or dentists run around yelling about their marijuana use, and I’m that just as many of those other professionals use it.

As for creativity, I’d urge you to take a step back before linking marijuana with creative solutions. In my experience, the heavier users of pot tend to draw more, but unfortunately, more of the same thing. Pot does reduce inhibitions, but it also reduces the brains rational capability to make new connections.

Were you trying to use as many different terms for pot use as possible in that post? I count 8.

I’ve got no problem with the stuff personally, although I don’t partake. You want to? Knock yourself out. But like 914 said, take a step back and see if you’re really being more creative under the influence.

Personally, I have the odd bit of the stuff myself (I’m a student… so it pretty much so goes without say, lol), but I can’t see how long term use could lead to anything positive. Whilst I have found it makes me a little more relaxed, and the drawings I do on it certainly have a ‘charm’, I imagine that trying to apply logic or developing anything just wouldn’t happen. I have seen so many of my friends drop out due to the stuff, they just become dull, unmotivated and occassionally paranoid, sat in their parents attics and only ever leave the house to meet their dealers… I can’t see how in the long run this would make you a better designer.

A slightly different angle on this recently - in the UK, are the headlines that BBC broadcasters/programme makers who have been taking cocaine for the length of their careers are ‘praised for their creative genius’ :

It seems to be a widespread culture in the BBC, but not really surprising as being in a ‘creative’ industry and drug taking seem to go hand in hand… personally I don’t drink alcohol - let alone anything harder and have never seen the ‘need’ of taking drugs to be creative.

Hmm… alright man. If this were a sculpture forum, you’d be right on track.

You won’t mind then, while I step right over your stoned ass on my way to my next promotion.

I’m assuming that MadSmells has worked with a large enough portion of the design community to come to the brilliant scientific conclusion that in order to be the best/most creative designer one has to use drugs. I also find it interesting that without even knowing Susie Q he can say she will be one of the best if she continues to smoke weed, oh and work her ass off too? I think success comes more from the latter.

Really??? You seriously think that the better designers are the weed smokers? Wow, now I’ve heard it all.

Last I saw, maryjane is still illegal. Maybe I missed a memo saying it wasn’t. I’m not sure what the punishment is for being found with it on your person, but I personally would rather not worry about getting caught with it. A really good way to ruin your career, er, life, is to get caught up in drugs and end up in rehab, or worse. But, whatever…as you say, it’s worth it since I’ll be that much more creative!!

Why are you anonymously on here?

Madsmells, I feel like you have an agenda.
Basically you are asserting that stoners are more creative and are posting to find who is cool or uncool based on whether they agree or not. Is that right?
Why don’t we skip the foreplay here, you are wrong.
Just as there is a wide spectrum of talent and ability among designers when sober, there is also a huge variance between them all when stoned. For some it may enhance creativity, for some it may inhibit it.
You cannot simply proclaim that weed universally boosts creativity.
However, I would hope that one day you might realize that disagreement does not necessarily equal unenlightenment.
I’ve been there. :wink:

Correlation doesn’t prove causation. Your argument could also be framed:
“The better designers are those who:
are white
vote conservative
are left handed
are Virgos
eat fish”

and so on, just because you can show strong links between these items.

Do what you like, but if you take drugs that change the way your brain works, the way you think/ sketch/ design will change. Sometimes better, most times worse. You seem to claim drug taking improves design ability but do you also agree that drug taking improves your driving?

I have personally seen drugs ruin some very creative people’s lives. And yes some did more than weed but others simply smoked weed and became lazy and unproductive. Like everyone else stated if you would like to do it than go right ahead, but claiming that all the “best” designers smoke weed is just plain stupid and ignorant. To be honest stupidity of your argument is the exact reason why I don’t smoke weed. Just to let you know, I would not hire you and most of the companies I deal with or have worked for conduct drug test before hire and they would not hire you and we too deal with some very well know design firms You are also subject to a drug test if they suspect you of doing drugs.

To me I love what I do way too much to screw it up with something stupid like weed. Oh and by the way Cali is part of the US.