Tabletop design - Salary?

Does anyone know the salary range for table-top designers?

Can you be a little more specific…

…chachskis…those things we all have but none of us need…

depends on who you are working for of course, but if you have around 3 years under your belt you can expect to range around 60K. Of course, 3 years need to be dedicated to table top design. I work in seasonal table top and most designers I know in this area range from 50k - 85k. If you are a management level you should be higher.

Are you already working in this field or are you just considering it? Also - do you travel to Hong Kong and China? If you are not required to travel, your salary may be less. Finally, is your company American owned or Chinese/Taiwan owned? It makes a difference.

It a modern luxury brand fashion designer who also has a tabletop collection. It’s a US based company but would also include travel for inspiration and to track fashion trends.

I think the previous poster’s sum-up on salaries and experience is right on.

also work in Table top and the poster’s break down is my experience too.