I have been using my Wacom Graphire (buddy) for last 7 to 8 years.
It has become reluctant for USB operated laptop solution.

I have tried lot solution defined on the internet suggesting adding convertor serial port to USB port …in vain …no success.

So I have decided to go for Wacom Intuos3.

(I have thought of buying Cintiq, but I enjoy indirect interface between tablet & screen.…and of course cost of it. )

I have paid the amount to wacomindia dealer ( for tablet …
For last one month, I am running behind this man for tablet…he has loads of reasons for not delivering it. :frowning:

Do you know a person responsible at Wacom Headquater for a complaint & suggestion?

try calling Wacom US and describe your problem. Wacom has been great with me over the years. Just send an email to their customer service section.

best of luck, sounds shady

in situations like this, I would personally drive to this guys location and surprise him at work, walking out with whatever I thought was worth my time equivalent (Cintiq for example), no force necessary, explaining directly what you are doing and why, smiling the whole time.

then again, it may not be this black and white. I save an action like that for an extreme case. there may be an issue with your order/shipping, maybe an issue with the credit card, perhaps their building burned down? etc

HAHAHAHA!!! Vigilante Justice!!

Here’s Wacom US’s customer service info for you:
7:30am to 5pm
Mon. - Thurs. (Pacific Time) 8:30am to 5pm
Fri. (Pacific Time)

And it doesn’t look like they list a customer service number for Europe so here’s the email

General support e-mail

TaylorWelden & NRUB : thanks for info…

Before I could take any action against him, I have just received shipping details today… :slight_smile: