tablet sketching PENS

Okay so i got me a samsung tablet over the weekend (same as Ipad) i have always sketched on tablets / or wacoms so the pen was a default to the hardware. I have seen many people doing sketching with their ipads and so fourth - i am looking for opinions on pens and understanding how i compensate (if i can) for a device that does not recognize pressure sensitivity.

Wacom does make a pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad

I use their little aluminum Bamboo stylus for my old iPad, but I never found myself in love with it, but it felt good.

Which samsung tablet did u get?

Because if u didnt get a NOTE series tablet, you wont he using it for sketching…

I’ve been using the Wacom Intuos Creative stylus for the iPad. Liking it!

I didnt get a NOTE… got a Samsung tab 4.

Didnt by it for sketching but since i have it thought i would install sketch book on it… why do you say i cant?

Using the Adonit Jot Script. Love that its a fine and low friction tip. Sadly no pressure sens, but worth every penny so far.
Best one iv’e had so far.


You can if you want, but it doesnt have a native pressure sensitivity stylus, whereas the NOTE series are designed to be drawn on and wrote on. But then again, you ddint buy it with the sole purpose of sketching so it should be non-issue :slight_smile: