Tablet size

Just curious as to what size wacom tablet everyone that has one is using and maybe if there are drawbacks in regards to size. I’m ready to make a purchase. Thinking about the 6 x 11. Larger? Smaller? Thanks for any info.


I’d go for the Intuos3 6x8 (possibly 6x11) no bigger or smaller. smaller seems a little ridiculous, and my roommate had the bigger one and it was cumbersome. I’m thinking of getting one with my next pay check as well, so if anyone has personal experience between 6x8 and 6x11 I’d be interested in hearing what you think.

i just got a 6x8, i kept thihking i would need a 9x12, but i saw one in person and it was too big to even be usefull unless you had a massive desk, or a massive lap lol.
i dont ahve much experience wiht my wacom, but ultimately, i can use it anywhere on my desk or lap comfortably. And everything i hand draw is usually no bigger than 9x12, but the 6x8 seems to work perfectly. although it seems a tiny bit small, Once u get into a digital painting and your only looking at the screen, it seems bigger than it actually is. 6x8 is definitely the way to go. :slight_smile:
i got mine new off for $265 btw.

I have the 6x11. Keep in mind the biggest difference between the two should be decided by your monitor. If you have a widescreen display, pick the 6x11, for a regular display stick with the 6x8.

Although it doesn’t make total sense to me since the 6x11 isn’t in the normal 16:10 aspect ratio that all widescreen displays are in…I’ve always wondered a little bit about that.

as has been suggested, do keep your screen proportions in mind.
I snagged my 12x12 intuos 1 for 150 off ebay in '03 and now I use a widescreen monitor so most of the active tablet surface is just dead space now.
As far as going too big, it all depends on what you like.
If you’ve got a laptop, I would consider not getting one that’s overall footprint is much (if any) bigger than the puter so you can easily take it along with you.
One of the best wacom users I worked with had an old Intuos 1 18x12 and he swore by it.

I’m getting a macbook pro and I just bought an intuos3 6x8 without realizing the proportion aspect. I can still return it. should I exchange it for the 6x11? If someone can respond quickly I would appreciate it because time is a factor for the return.

if the footprint of the 6 x 11 is bigger than the macbookpro and there is ANY chance that might deter you from taking the tablet with you then no
for any reason other than portability it would seem the aspect ration on the
6 x11 would just make more sense