Tablet PC with Rhino/Flamingo- what to buy?

As a luddite who is about to do an intensive CAD course, what tablet PC would you recommend?
My Rhino tutor says an nvidia card is a MUST with Rhino - I intend to get separate high definition display for home use.
I saw a Toshiba Tecra which looked good but I kind of fell in love with an HP tc1100…an older design but sooo cute (very portable)but is it powerful enough for Rhino 4??

Like you said, you’ll need a machine with a dedicated graphics card. I don’t believe either the Tecra or the HP have that as an available option. I personally have the Tecra M7 but I have onboard video and I don’t believe an upgraded card is an option anymore.

I have been looking at Tablets for a while and hopefully will be getting one soon. I really like the Lenovo X series

I have a Toshiba Tecra M7 and it runs Rhino, Pro/e, Pshop, etc. without any problems. I have bogged it down a bit with a large assembly. But nothing that really hurts productivity.

for more tablet options


I run an older HP 4200- I love it. 2G RAM helps a ton, increased workflow and straight digital… man I barely sleep anymore. I got a steal off ebay with this- not too bad and enough money left over to upgrade my tower to tackle the real heavy stuff.

Thanks everyone. The Wacom link was useful- a good friend says tablets are just a ‘fad’ and are fragile… now I am confused. A standard Dell 1520(?) looks good value to be honest. Someone justify a tablet to me please! I do a lot of my work sitting in a local bar(to get away from the office) so portability is a must-
For design work, what is the smallest screen i can get away with(evening work will be done on a larger screen)? Are there any tablets with detachable screens apart from the HP tc1100(useful for exhibition displays)? Is an nvidia card a must or will an intel be ok (for Rhino)… Is 1 ghz too slow?

Sorry for all the Qs

Fad?! My tecra m7 runs 3-d, renders, photoshop, video editing, etc… I’ve used everything on it that I use on my towers and haven’t had a problem at all except the screen color accuracy isn’t the best for me (maybe because mine has an antiglare coating and the viewing angle isn’t great.) But in terms of performance, it matches and beats my midrange tower. And how much easier it is to do photoshop renderings and quick digital sketches in sketchbookpro can’t be stated enough. Just don’t try to skimp and get the lowest spec. Mine has a 1.8 dual processor, 1gb ram, nvidia card, nothing special at all pretty minimum specs and it’s done everything I’ve needed it to.

Thanks Skinny,

I’m sold

Would like to get a Tablet with a detachable screen if poss.( for exhibition display) or can they be mounted to a wall as one unit?
I guess i should not get this(i really like it tho)due to being a little outdated

What would you go for?

Personally I’d suggest the Tecra over the HP if you want something you can still do some work on.

The HP is a great tablet as an ultra-portable, but for me, doing sketches etc having the 14" screen is a HUGE advantage. It’s essentially just about the same size as a 8x11 sheet of paper, whereas the 10" screen is much much smaller. If you normally draw very small it might be ok, but I’m pretty happy with my Tecra.

It is a bit flimsy, and is far from being a “perfect” piece of technology. But once you get used to it I’m sure you’ll find it was worth the extra cash.

Thanks cyber demon,

I saw an M4 going cheap - I don’t know what the M7 has over the M4- I prefer the look of the earlier model and they look similar in spec. I heard differing reviews on the M7 but it looks very powerful. Was the M4 a v high spec machine when it debuted?

I love the look of the HP Pavilion tx1250 and 1205…there is also a new one (1710?) but it doesnt have a touch pad(do you need one for a tablet?)…they are actually the same price as Tosh

HPs have a 12" screen, Tosh’s have 14"… battery life on Hps seem better and design is newer…I don’t know which is better for graphics work

Well i am narrowing it down…got a coin?