tablet pc vs pc tablet

I’m an Industrial Designer based in Asia. Since my workflow involves the process of hand sketching then scanning the sketch to be rendered in photoshop, I’m thinking of getting a tablet pc. Is it reliable to use a tablet PC or will I be better off using a laptop + wacom tablet? Any software incompatibily since tablet PCs run on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition?

Youcould try the new lenovo thinkpad with the sketchbook function, ive tried it with alias sketch, its all good if your not after a huge screen.
Good fun in meetings also handy if you take your work to bed…
The Cintiq 180sx is great with the easy pivot of the screen & its cool being able to draw direct onto the display surface, although maybe an old model now.

I use an Acer tablet for work, and I highly recommend it-- working with a tablet PC is amazing. For quick concept sketching in Sketchbook and photoshop rendering, it’s been really nice. My luck with tighter line drawings (that you would render in P’shop) has not been as good-- I would probably still prefer scanning paper, though. Overall totally worth it, though.