Tablet PC vs PC Tablet

I’m an Industrial Designer based in Asia. Since my workflow involves the process of hand sketching then scanning the sketch to be rendered in photoshop, I’m thinking of getting a tablet pc. Is it reliable to use a tablet PC or will I be better off using a laptop + wacom tablet? Any software incompatibily since tablet PCs run on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition?


might be helpful to post this in the sketching or general design section of the forum. you might get better responses.

I haven’t used a tablet PC but I have used a Wacom and liked the Wacom. I think if you are going to be stationary and working in one place I think you should get the Wacom. do you already own a laptop? If you do might now make sense to purchase another just for sketching/ tablet purposes.


Personally I love the tablet PC’s. Great for travelin, no need to go through the tedius process of building hand eye co-oridination between the tablet and the screen and such.

Go ahead, rub it in! One day I’ll be able to get one, ha ha. Couldn’t they make a cheaper one that basically works like a wacom with a screen so you can just plug it into your tower, without it being the whole laptop deal?

Yeah, Tablet PCs are pretty cool but what I’d like to ask you wacom fluent guys is if you think that pressure sensitivity is important?

I know the Cinteqs have it, but alot of the lappys don’t…

so, do you have a tablet pc, yo? which one? did you do any comparisons before deciding on one? i am looking at that toshiba tecra m4 joint its specs make it a BEAST, have seen any that come close to it.

actually I don’t, I have a wacom cintiq (you know the wacom tablet with a screen that you can plug into your tower!) and a powebook, but I’m hoping to get one. I’ve test driven the Toshibas and a friend has had one for about a year and loves it!

Should’ve done my research, guess they do have it. 3k, ouch! And they really do stagger the specs so you’d pretty much have to get the big expensive one to really do what we need to do. Nice to know there are some options like that though.

We have been running the Acer Travelmate 310’s for over a year and a half now. We just made the jump and purchased our fouth one. They are great. Only problem with the origional was that the screen was a little dark. This issue has been fixed, as the new one is 3 times as good! $1,800-1,900 now.

pressure sensitivity is not really all that important and most of the time you will not see much of a difference BUT it is very useful and the tablet pcs (at least the ones that emply wacom tech) are also pressure sensitive, just not as much as the tablets (the pcs have 256 levels of sensitivity compared to 501 for graphire line [and the 18" cintiq] and the intous line [and the 21" cintiq] has 1024 levels of sensitivity)

that sounds like a sweet setup yo!(i go to the idsa conference specifically to play around on those!!!) if one were to spring for that, i am guessing you would also have to upgrade to a hardcore machine to fully take advantage of it.

blaster, acer you say??? wow i looked it up, that thing is very close to the toshiba m4 as far as specs go and even seems to be better in some categories except for graphics and is much cheaper!!! but their customer service is said to be worse than toshiba’s.

Have not had had to use customer service on any of the four we have.

The first three…all over a year old had the old screen. A little dark…
The new one has the much better screen. They have been good to us.

Other then the odd issue here and there. I am not the biggest fan of Windows XP.

I’d throw a vote in for the Toshiba Tecra. I haven’t sen one in person, but they sounds damn impressive. One major thing to keep in mind is the screen resolution - what’s the resolution on the Acers?

I’ve got a Toshiba M200 and love it. The main reason I chose this model is the 1400x1050 resolution. Gives you WAY more room to draw when using Sketchbook Pro PLUS it gives you more room for toolbars when using Rhino, etc.

The screen colors are not very true - probably because the viewing angles are really narrow. But, I also have a Dell 21" LCD that I hook up through a Toshiba Port Replicator. The colors on the Dell are much truer than the Tosh, so that fixes that problem. You can also choose to use the external monitor only and the Toshiba drives the 21" at full resolution - great if you’ll be 3D modelling all day.

They Say Motion Computing makes the best slates. But, I prefer the convertible format.

Ohhhhhh yum. Toshiba’s coming out with an M400 and it looks like a smokin’ machine:

Might want to hold out for this one if you’re considering a tablet.

that m400 could be a beast of a machine, but it sounds as if there is some discrepancy as to what type graphics controller, which would really make much less of a superior performer and it only has a 12" screen.

it also seem there will be a dual core processor replacement for the current m4, choices, choices…