table top/houseware design questions

hi all,

i am a fine arts student transitioning into pd and hopefully table top design - i’ve been studying ceramics for the last 3 years, most of my work has been sculptural/non-functional. i am looking to get into table top design, and just started taking intro level prod. design classes in addition to producing more functional ceramic prototypes.

pd is something i am really interested in but i know so many good product design grads who have a hard time starting out, so i’d like to get my feet wet before school ends by getting a related job.

i’d like to ask people with tabletop design experience on how you got started in the field, what kind of positions do people usually start in and if an entry level coordinatorship at retail firms(i.e. pottery barn) w/in house product development would help in entering the field as a designer eventually. tips on how to research the tabletop/housewares design field are appreciated. any other suggestions would be great too :slight_smile:

there is a sample portfolio of my work at
not a lot of functional stuff yet, so any suggestions on how i can better make a portfolio geared toward tabletop will be much appreciated!