Table top glass supplier

Does anyone have any recommendations for a table top glass supplier?

Where are you located?
Mass quantities? Or just a one-off thing?

AudiRS: Just look up a local glass and mirror place. They can help you.

I am located in DC. We need mass quantities.

Old Castle Glass

I am looking for a table top glass wholesaler. Does anyone have any experience with any?

How many times are you going to ask the same question? Your previous post had a few options for you…

In the old days we used the Thomas Register for stuff like that. Those things used to hog up an entire bookshelf. :smiley:

Thats the 2nd time I asked the question. Is that a problem? No, the previous post had one option, which I didn’t like. I’ll ask the question as many times as I like. Get off of this post if your not going to be useful.

Take it easy, Hoss. No need to get hostile. Usually when we see repeated questions go unanswered, someone just isn’t looking back at what they previously posted.

Here is probably the largest manufacturer in North America. If they can’t get what you want done, you should probably go overseas.

Also, did you call Old Castle Glass?

Awww Nurb why did you go all soft I thought this was gonna turn into something really ugly.

Chevis W.

By useful do you mean, like, moderating the forums?

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