table design

Hi guys!

i am new here , hope to learn and share a lot , got only one concept for a table, please comment. thanks

The legs looks too thick (aesthetically) at top and impossible thin (physically) at the bottom. The circle in the middle is distracting, curious what’s the function of it and if’s necessary? Overall I like the direction but just need to tweak some proportions.

Hi !

Thanks for your comments, yes i see your point on the size of the legs…also the circle in the middle is actually a sphere used to connect the two halves. I was experimenting with two materials for the base…metal and wood in this concept. :slight_smile:

Are you planning on actually making this? I kinda feel like there’s some contradiction in terms of overall design language. You have square/ rectangular shapes in the top and leg connections, ying-yang shape as the focus, circle in the middle, pyramid legs that come to a point at the floor, and a glass top that tapers at the edges.

It’s tough for me to see your direction as it stands. I like the ying-yang/wave focus you have going. Maybe take a step back and see how you can push that language throughout the rest of the form?

Would love to see any process you have as well! Sketches? Small mock-ups? That might help explain your vision as well.

Here are some pics of my model in progress! hope to get the structure stable when i connect the legs, more pics to come.

Good luck!