t-shirts w/ video screens?

the source:


does anyone know the technology behind this?

i’m more curious to know whether or not the monitor is flexible.

also, as a medium, it would only seem to be a matter of time when a technology becomes economically feasible to integrate with fashion. especially the likes of something simple as a t-shirt for promoting something to the masses.

from the past to the future, it has evolved from first carrying a mass-marketed still image (Budweiser) to moving pictures (I, Robot).



Probably OLED technology (Organic light-emitting diode.) In contrast to LCD’s, these things can be crumpled and folded up like a city map.

had this link saved. websearch probably find more.

Cool stuff. I think something like that sold in a non-advertising capacity would be close to total mass customization. Think about what you could do with that if consumers were able to load the images themselves. It would be the ultimate refinement of the “white t-shirt and permanent marker” statement. In the past I dabbled in t-shirt design but I got burnt out because I couldn’t produce them myself or find a market to sell them in, but it’s still something I find to be very interesting.