T shirts to keep me busy

I have been messing with screen printing a bit in an effort to keep myself busy. I thought I would post a few pic’s of my first two runs. Now I know the photos are not great but I just snapped them in the low light of my garage.

The first design is the queen of hearts. Every one so far has asked what it says on the banner. well it says queen I tried to do the font from the Da Vinci code so it reads the same upside down. I am working on a new version that is easier to read and will fill the negative space left in the banner.

The second is an un-aligned two color field Kaliope is the name of my web site which is not up yet.

they kind of look out of place in the center at that size.

I’d either make them bigger, or shift the pictures left or right a third

cool, thanks,

I was wanting to do some larger images. I learned a bit of screen printing from my father but I am really learning the details now.

I am kind of limited to 8.5x11 transparencies right now. I was thinking of either tiling them or maybe using an oiled velum to get a larger image to burn onto the screen. The only drawbacks I see with the vellum is that it may cause a softening of the edges as it diffuses the light, and that I will probably mess up in transferring my images by hand. The drawback to transparencies it that they are expensive. I found an office store charging $50 for 35 sheets for ink jet.

I am really enjoying this new hobby. Any other suggestions are welcome.