t-shirt for a cause-number preview


We’re graphic designers and in the middle of creating an e-commerce for our “onemilliontee” project aims in helping African to live a good life through job opportunities we provide. Our message is simple, enough donation, we help africans to provide for themselves by creating job opportunities for them.

Once there was a saying “to build a nation you need to build jobs and people need to see that a job gives our friends in Africa what they really need–a sustainable income so that they can stand on their own two feet” – Oliberte

This is our opportunities where together we can deliver this message and help others, especially for Africans to have better lives.

So, our idea here is to sell 1,000,000 t-shirts with number on each of the tees. Each tee will have different numbers. For example, once you have number 5, nobody will have the same number as you have and that will be your one and the only t-shirt to promote global cause for Africa. As simple as that.

All our t-shirts will use 100% organic cotton produced in Africa factory by Africans, and will be printed with specially formulated water-based inks.

The design for the numbers (yup, not t-shirt) are up for preview

leave us some comments for any feedback – we welcome any feedback to create better design.

Hope you guys love it, and hope we can promote the cause and spread the message to others~ Have your families, friends, relatives, or even strangers on the street get the message so they can have a chance to do good things for others and have their unique numbers for themselves.

You can check out our website
http://onemilliontee.com –currently in the middle of building it
or our blog


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