T-shirt Design

This is for our t-shirts and program books that will be utilized at our upcoming pageant. Feedback welcomed!


Not sure if you’re joking or not: your wording indicates that it is a done deal.

To be blunt: this is so elementally, fundamentally, flawed, wrong, and misdirected (starting with the event itself): is that even the GR skyline? I don’t think they have an Empire State Building. The tiara: gosh, where to start . . . equating women to princesses as a model for success and others to emulate: groan (see “event” above) . … floating above the skyline, a flying saucer, no connection in form, hue, finish, proportion or position to anything else . . . the choice of typeface: one that is almost universally mocked for its overuse, its hackneyed, awful, skumorphic strokes and forms . . . .

Hire a designer, maybe?

This is embarrassing me to even be located in the same town. And indeed, that is not the correct skyline. Other than that, my only feedback is to start this one over.

There are several design schools in the city, and this would be a great project to hire (PAY!) a young kid to do.