T-Shirt Design Crit


Was thinking to have some tees printed and wanted to play off the humor that CS still incorporates web-safe colors well beyond the age of relevance. Trying to think of a slogan to touch on this irony, I came up with “Practice Safe Web” When trying to think of a design to present this, I figured the iconic Color Picker window is best, but I don’t know if there’s a better direction for it. Specifically, I wonder if it would somehow be better to emphasize the wordplay of “practice safe web” towards the sexual connotation.

I plan to print them on grey heather shirts to offer the sense of the grey background of the color picker window.

Thus, I have posted a couple iterations… thoughts please?

If you can, please be nice to the noob.

I would love to have a shirt that includes my favorite Pantone colors, so I can read them upside down while doing color selections.