T-Mobile free line for life.. worth it?

Switching to my sister’s T-Mobile family plan, they tell me a promo right now:
adding 1 more line after mine, that line gets FREE cellular and data as long as the rest of the lines are paid month…

This deal is lucrative to me, almost too good to be true, FREE service for the life of the line??
Does anyone know something I don’t here ?
Considering switching my mom over to this too, if that means she will have free service for the rest of her life essentially…


That’s sounds awesome! I guess they need to do that to stay competitive atm. It’s free service up to the point they decide to stop it (or not allow it to be grandfathered anymore). I don’t know if there’s a catch, but so far I would do it.

Can I be your free line? :smiley:

The deal is true and good and no, there is no catch. Actually, there is one: “as long as the rest of the lines are paid every month”. I’ve availed this offer and haven’t paid anything for it yet.

How’s T-Mobile’s service?

Depends. Where I live, in the greater Chicagoland area, it’s fine. On any interstate hwy it is fine. When I am on rides in the stix of Wisconsin, I can get dropped.

Fantastic in Europe. Free 2G data and messaging. Upgrade for 4G data is like $5 for a month which you can terminate at any time.

I guess that’s why I’ve always liked having Verizon service. I get service in the middle of most anywhere without issue. Not that I’m regularly in the middle of nowhere, it’s just nice to have.