Systematic problem solving anyone? (TRIZ)

Hi everyone

I recently stumbled upon the principle of TRIZ (theory of inventive problemsolving, look it up on wiki for a quik description), and has since become quite fascinated by the theory (read some articles and have ordered a book). The theory concerns the notion of formalizing creativity into a systematic method.

My question is if anyone have had expreriences with the method?

  • was it of any use, did it yield results, limitations etc?

    (For the interested - A little about my background: I’m currently studying Masters of Engineering program focused on Design and Innovation in Denmark. This is far from the Danish and to some extent european view of a desinger (=styling guru), but probably in better line with (what I imagine) the American view of a designer is: A product developer who takes the users and technology (materials, manufacturing, etc) into consideration when designing a product)

Not formally, but yeah, I think all industrial designers are familiar with the premise and use it in their projects. That is: look at how others have solved similar problems.

I’ve conducted quite a few larger projects in my studies, and one of the most common things in the research is looking at existing solutions. So informally I’ve also done something similar to the TRIZ method.

However, I’m still interested in hearing about experiences with using the actual method if anybody has any? (was it more effective than the ‘classic’ informal research method)

I think TRIZ is just a summarize all the innovation design thinking process.
There are 40 methods in TRIZ.You are pick up serveal usefull to your work depends on the filed.

About TRIZ: TRIZ - Wikipedia

Does anyone know where to find his lists? In particular, I’d love to have his set of “39 system failures.” This is a great place to start in New Product Development.