Syn_edens design portfolio enjoy your life in futur

:arrow_right: dear sir dear madam,

i search a design labs firms please open your eyes in the future in syn_edens portfolio ;o) and enjoy…look in

if you are very interested contact me now…

syn_edens future avant garde 2028…

thanks yoo and have a nice days !!! :sunglasses:


Since it seems like you won’t stop re-posting this until you get some responses, I thought I would write down some feedback for you.

Your samples are not clear. It is not visible what you do from your sample page.

Are you looking for feedback on your portfolio or just looking for job contacts. If you are looking for feedback you are in the right place. If you just want to get some hits on you portfolio, just having the corefolio should be good enough.

Your post is very criptic and filled with typos. Mine often are as well, but I am not looking for a job. I recomend getting someone who speaks english as a primary language to proof read and correct it for you.

Good Luck.




you might want to JUMP to plan B. I think posting topics in the forum-with the idea …HIRE ME… HIRE ME… I dont think will be very successful. I would instead, post your sketches and or projects and make them stronger. this forum can be very useful for some things and not for others…try to use its strengths like CRITIQUE…and you will get results.

good luck