Sydney Design Festival crowdsourcing backfires

Great response by the Sydney Design Community:

Adding insult to injury.

Incredibly, the Powerhouse Museum’s efforts to infuriate Australian designers goes from bad to worse.

In an (anonymous) article on the Powerhouse Museum’s blog, D*Hub, the Powerhouse claimed that it used crowdsourcing instead of directly commissioning a graphic designer (as it had done in the past), in favour of ‘inclusivity’ and ‘democratisation’.

This rather fatuous justification of pitching was seen by Australian graphic designers for what it was, and a social media campaign that rapidly went viral forced the Powerhouse Museum to shut down its crowdsourcing competition as angry graphic designers from around the world joined their Australian counterparts in bombarding the competition with ‘bad design’ posters that deliberately breached the Powerhouse’s competition guidelines.”

More here:

Those responses are great!