syd mead vid on 2019 and design

says a lot of good things, love the way he dresses and well that’s a wack old car he drives.

Yeay Thx…

Love how he still paints the old skool way!

Nothing new but an inspiring talk

That was really cool.
Thank you.

He can’t seriously ride that imperial as an everyday car. (being a futurist)

why not, you need to look back to see the future more clearly :slight_smile:

nice little video. A few of my questions/observations:

  1. So far everyone is focusing on his car. I found it hilarious that that car looks like it is driving backwards…so, in an ironic way, it is a perfect car for Syd.
  2. I’m curious what the significant distress Ridley Scott was under when he was filming Blade Runner
  3. I’m always astounded at the pace artists and designers work at. I always have this image of someone like Syd placing his brush on the page and the image just oozes forth instantly. The tenacity, and methodical pace that he appears to work at is enlightening. A patience that I have to hone. Quality over quantity, it seems.
  4. Hubris Kills

I saw a Ridley Scott interview (maybe on DVD features of “Blade Runner”, can’t remember) where he mentioned people not being confident in him, and him kicking against this, mainly because of his TV background and the fact he’d made successful films previously (“The Duellists” and “Alien” and “On the Buses Down Under”).

Probably why the silly voice-over and happy ending of the theatrical version, which was later removed for the directors cut(s).

There was a great book that covered the making of Blade Runner, and to say it was a huge trial was a understatement. Remember everything in that film existed either as a model or as a full scale set piece and that was just the start. If you can find a copy buy it, a must have for any designers library.

I have to watch this vid tonight.

Two questions I always have about sci-fi:

How come the future is never really boring and ugly?

Why do humans never needlessly attack an alien race to eat it’s brains?

we humans (some) eat brains all the time Cook's Thesaurus: Miscellaneous Variety Meats they are just terrestrial lol. I foresee the future where we find extra T brains the top of the culinary experience chart.

How come the future is never really boring and ugly?

lots ugly - Clockwork Orange, Mad Max, Terminator…pretty much anything that isn’t Star Trek (one of the only sci-fi’s with a positive view of the future)

Boring is a good point- maybe Idiocracy, Logan’s Run was about a hedonsitic (and ultimately shallow) future. There’s the line in the Matrix where Agent Smith tells Neo that they created a paradise matrix but us flawed humans couldn’t handle it. Maybe a film about everything being great would be boring to watch.

I want to know why Robots always want to know about “this thing called love”. Aren’t they content with smashing and stabbing?

I wouldn’t say that Clockwork Orange was ugly. I dig the modernist elements. It’s the people that made that movie ugly.

I saw Mad Max so long ago that I don’t remember much besides the cars (which were fantastic & ugly…definitely not boring).

Idiocracy was fantastic too. Remember the Costco. Haha! We are inching closer to that reality.

What I want to see is a world filled with ground level strip malls, Toyota Camrys etc. Very beige. I’ll toss in some robots that don’t care about “this thing called love” too. Why not?

I also watched the Mead vid before coming to work. Hot car. Looks like he robbed the Green Hornet.

Something I find interesting comparing Mead’s work with reality is how our built environment seems to have evolved little, while we are all caring the equivalent of 1960’s super computers in our pockets. It’s as though Sir Gaiwan listened to his Walkman before attacking the Green Knight. Maybe Kubrik was closest to how the future would look, ie 1960’s fashion on board a spaceship to Jupiter in 2001.

It also reminds me of a discussion mo-i and I have had off-the-boards about architecture. We have all this advanced tech, but we (Americans) are building really bad, cheap versions of tuscan castles or something (what is a McMansion supposed to be?).

Waterworld was pretty ugly. So was The Road.

Makes me think of back to the future. Cool flying cars, shoes and jackets, but everything situated in the same budilings.

Shame about the wooly jumper.

Another video starring the man , this time talking about the Lego Technic spinner car.

Waterworld was pretty ugly. So was The Road.

Isn’t “The Road” two hours looking for a can of tuna?