Swoosh! Inside Nike - Nike Documentary

I have not seen this posted here yet, but I think it might be interesting.

It is a documentary about Nike, its roots, contributors, stories, etc. I am excited to check it out! There is also a slide show called “How to make a sneaker” with a look into the process. (right side of homepage)


Thanks so much, I can’t wait to watch this.

Must watch TV.
Thanks again I’m looking forward to the documentary on the 14th as when I was a kid waiting for the Saturday morning cartoon new season preview show.

Watching the snip of Jordan talking about working with Tinker is so spot on. It takes a special relationship to create a substantial coherent product that is specific to the function needed to be executed.

Most designers will never get that opportunity but some do and when it happens and it works it’s beautiful. No wonder they continue to work together.

This is an area that frustrates me at the moment, “not having real world input” while designing functionally specific shoes. I have to imagine playing a sport I don’t play, performing active duties in my living room in a static environment, envisioning manufacturing techniques that I have no idea will work all while showing viewers that have a crap load of experience what I am working on.

help me :slight_smile:

I love the new prototype UA ads all over it.

I thought it was very clever of UA to run their Prototype commercial during…as a matter of fact the first break that there was. I’m not sure if they want to admit it or not and by the response of Nike’s CEO they don’t, UA is the new Nike and they have got to know it.

To be honest one would get more information about the shoe industry without the marketing hype from these excellent sites run and or participated by Core77’s very own R’


All the same it was very cool to see some of the people that run this industry speak and hear their personal insight.

I thought it was well done. Going into it, I figured I knew about 90% of what they would have to say, but its that other 10% that is always important. You can definitely learn a thing or two from every experience or observation. Just soak it up…

Also, Under Armour is on its way, but I would not say it is the new Nike, not even close. They are on their way, but I think they have a lot of work ahead of them to catch up to Nike, let alone Nike footwear. We shall see.

I watched it, but I must say it was ho-hum overall. But, I did like the bit on the skateboard industry. Perhaps they could’ve done more on the footwear industry in light of Nike.

Hey ScriptD I didn’t mean that they can be compared to Nike of today by any means, I’m comparing them to the start of Nike and from that point of view they most definitely are the new Nike.

They have created and dominate the technical action wear market “close to body wear” = “waffle soled running shoes” :wink: Heck talk to any kid that is into sports about what is the name of the thermal like but smooth fabric gear and they say Under Armor as if that is the product name and not the brand name

They also have made large inroads into the female sector along with having a serious strangle hold on the high school age and younger boys football scene, they are the future. Nike went after pro and college athletes.

The company was started in a very similar fashion and is now moving into the advertising arena. If “just do it” tells me that I can be involved and stop talking about it…“Click Clack” talks straight to the football athlete and shouts “Momma said knock you out” we won’t even go into “prototype”
Brilliant in todays over saturated tag line wonderland of advertising.

No way am I a UA fanboy but I have great respect for the way they are going about business and Nike most definitely has a few eyeballs on them.
I’m sure the 3 stripes are scratching their heads also.

Nike is a MONSTER, Nike is now an institution that is evident in this program. And I agree with you “Just soak it up…”

.03 short of a nickel,

Nike is like Gatorade. As a whole UA is doing an awesome job - Wall Street likes them very much.