Swoosh Air Flight Widow//Another Sketch

A “broken” concept, something started but never finished. It was “inspired” actually by the gr8 superman.

You know the scanner situation by now.

This is probably my last batch for awhile…Idk why I’ve just been in a rut for awhile; or atleast it feels like it. (help maybe?) Art school dont start till Jan so I’ll be looking forward to that but until then I’ll probably try to finish a range rover “inspired” shoe.

Let me know…The last 1. Cues taken from the blk widow.
Raw talent!

nice stuff mp23, thanks for posting.

Will you be entering your Freshman year this Jan? What school?

Overall, I’d say your thumbnail sketches have a lot more character and flair, the more finished sketches, which look like you tighten up a lot (I have the same problem). I’d also work on getting some more volume into those renderings, some light grey 10% or 20% on that white leather, or even some black chalk dust can go a long way.

On the designs, all of them asre solid nice, but they all look like something that Nike or addidas would produce now. Those guys are working on what comes out 2 years from now! I would challenge you to try to break the mold and predict the future of these companies. Approach it the way they would. Can you find any new ways to make the shoe fit better? Any new ideas on stability or cushioning?

On the proposed range rover inspired shoe: I’d like to hear a conceptual connection to the inspiration. A straight aesthetic inspiration is very And1 or 311 motoring, Nike would most likely look for a deeper link. For instance the LeBron1 was inspired by the Hummer because that was the first car LeBron ever bought, it was a direct link. But beyond that even, why a range rover? Does the shoe have off road capabilities but look hot on the street, just like the truck? Something like that…

OK, sorry for all the feedback. Keep up the good work, and sketch yourself out of those ruts man!

Great sketching Matt!!!

As Yo said I better like some of the sketches before final renderings…3rd and 4th pics from top…those with black ankle collars. I like also the sole/outsole of final rendering.

For corrections follow Yo advices that are very precise!

Can I say SCANNER…or maybe fix the focus of your camera…you know i always tell you!!!


I recomend one of these canon scanners: I have one for home use: and for $50 you cant go wrong.


Thanks Yo and Pietro. I’ll be a frosh @ Scad. Any advice on to getting where your at? The scanner scenario :blush:. I’d have $50 to spare but too many aj10 and 14 retro’s :sunglasses: .
-About the “writers block” sketching is mainly the part where I get stumped. It never happened like that b4 but now its like I put out sketches that are so repetitive and continuous of previous projects. Idk, it’s hard.
-The thumbnail and final transition is something I’ve heard b4. Meaning the drawing losing it’s “flair.” I think it’s b/c it’s harder for me to translate the thumbs to full-scale. I use to over highlight//shadow shoes so I tried for a less gaudy approach, time for improvement tho. Expand to create something diff, new, fresh, ok I’ll try that. I think I’m just focused on limiting myself with production matters and creating something more feasible. I think I’ll try to start w/ no limitations and work my way back to reality next time.

Those guys are working on what comes out 2 years from now!

I think Aaron Cooper is my fav. at that kinda stuff. (kinda irrelevant)
-The range is something I’ve started awhile ago, but I’m just trying to take my time to do it right. This (the widow shoe) is something less literal, meaning the widow’s web–strong, protective, etc correlates w/ this shoe being a stable type shoe for a guard. At the same time, 8 spider legs, 8 flexes in the midsole, as well as the two triangular shapes on the back of the spider, and the back of the shoe. But, this is why I put quotations around the word “inspire.” Sometimes I stare at something or listen to something and I don’t necessarily get an idea from that thing, but I get an idea from the spark of that thing. Kinda weird but owell. But the range…cues were taken from the 2 engines (2 midfoot protections- laces and mid strap, w/ the adjustable strap under the laces, hopefully it wouldnt be redundant) and attention to detail, but at the same time taken cues from the gas//break pedals to translate into the outsole. It’s going all right , we’ll see.
Thx Yo, and all the feedback is never a problem, but what Im looking for. I see you’ve been paying attention to his advice too Pietro, good work!

glad to hear you will be attending SCAD that where i graduated from and currently live in savannah. Its a great school and the profs are as cool as they are informative. besides some of the alumni work at newbalance so thats a potential connection for internships.

Good eye Matt!!!
I forgot to log in while posting my reply…

About other people’s advices…I usually try to “steal” the feedback even from other people designs because:

  1. the “errors” I make are basically the same of other people around
  2. even professionals probably made same “errors” in the past and now some of them want to help people improve and grow stronger
  3. learning from other peoples “errors” will faster increase my/your own experience
  4. since I’m not still working in ANY footwear/creative design company, the feedback I have from sites like this fantastic one are the ONLY way for me to improve at this point… (THANKS GUYS!!!)

So that’s why I try to keep my ears wide open, even the toughest, most negative and somehow personal critics may contain a grain of salt, so it’s better to listen carefully even those bad comments trying to put everything in discussion and re-analizing every step of the process…that’s it…It’s late evening and i’m going too deep into abstract…

MC [Pietro]

dope stuff matt, just keep on chuggin’ homie. even the most talented go through stretches where everything statrts looking the same, what i try to do when that happens id sketch something unrelated to what i am working on—sometimes it sparks an idea…

and fo real real b, get a scanner…or i might have to petition jb to stop the retros…