Switching majors...

Hello everyone,

I’m a new member here (just found this great site!), but I have a question regarding feasibility of switching a major.

So I’m completing my freshman year at Northeastern University, and I’ve had a pretty undecided year. I’ve taken mixed classes from Engineering calculus to Economics to Computer Science classes. I’ve always had a creative passion for both building and designing things as well as creating things electronically (programming, as well as digital art applications). So I’m currently pursuing more computer science courses, but there is a program at my university that offers Computer Science and Digital Art, something I would choose to interpret as somewhat similar to the education in Industrial Design (My school does not offer this).

My main question is, does a program like this contribute to skills that will enable me to work in a field of industrial design later on? Does Digital Art consist of the skill set necessary to also pursue careers in the Industrial Design field? I do realize that not knowing my exact coursework or anything of that like hampers your ability to answer my question, but looking at it from a designers perspective, would digital art “count”?

Thanks everyone, sorry for a somewhat convoluted and long question!