switching from windows to an imac? Good or bad?

After using PC’s for years, today is a day where I am considering the big change to a mac. I have recently graduated university and would like to invest in a bunch of new equipment thats going to help me with my work and portfolio building.

So my question is “is an imac going to suit my needs as a designer more than a PC?” What do most design companies use, or does it vary? Knowing what the professionals use will be a big factor in my decision.

So obvioulsy the main things I will be using is CAD applications such as 3ds max, and rhino. Then the adobe suite. Possibly going to buy a graphics tablet too, but i want the right machine for the job. I am also into photography and recording music which i understand macs are good for, but design is my main priority.

Any help would be appreciated,

thank you :confused:

This topic has been hashed out numerous times. Do a search and if you have any other question than I am sure there is someone here on the boards that can answer them.