Switch your carrier from other product ID to footwear design

Thinking about possible change in J-O-B.
Anyone had switched general product design, specially electronics to footwear design?
What it takes to make the change (beside skills…).
And what are your recommendations?
Thanks for your input.

I switched a little over 4 years ago after 5 years in a product consulting firm.

You definitely have to have a love of footwear. Having a bunch of footwear concepts is a must. Learning what you can about shoe construction will help you as well, a good way to do this it to cut up a bunch of your old worn out shoes (or buy some at the Salvation Army or something) and check out all the layers and how they are put together. Understanding the different markets helps as well, what a consumer looks for in a running shoe, vs basketball, vs a casual kick around shoe, vs a fashion product…

Check out


for reference

Good luck, post some stuff up.